Does Smoking Inside The Car Damage Window Tints?

Does Smoking Inside The Car Damage Window Tints

The sleek appeal of window tints adds a touch of style and functionality to your car. But what happens when your smoking habit clashes with your love for those tinted windows? Fear not, smoke and mirrors aren’t the only concerns here. Let’s delve into the truth about whether smoking inside your car can damage your precious window tints.

The Smoke and Mirrors - Potential Effects of Smoking on Tints

While your first thought might be burn marks, the impact of smoking goes beyond the obvious:

  • Discolouration and Hazing: Over time, cigarette tar and resins build up on the tint film, causing it to lose its clarity and develop a yellowish hue. This not only impacts aesthetics but also reduces the tint’s effectiveness in blocking UV rays and heat.
  • Premature Aging and Deterioration: The chemicals in cigarette smoke can break down the adhesive and dye in the tint film, leading to peeling, bubbling, and cracking. This significantly shortens the lifespan of your tint investment.
  • Burn Marks – The Tip of the Iceberg: While less common, direct ash or ember contact can leave unsightly burn marks on the film. Though some cleaning methods might remove the marks, the underlying damage remains.

Rolling Down the Window - A False Hero?

Many smokers justify their habit by rolling down the windows. While this does reduce the concentration of smoke, it’s not a foolproof solution:

  • Lingering Residue: Smoke particles, including the tint film, cling to interior surfaces. Even with open windows, some residue settles, contributing to discolouration and odor retention.
  • Secondhand Smoke Hazard: Rolling down the windows doesn’t eliminate the harmful effects of secondhand smoke for passengers, especially children

Conclusion - A Clear Choice for Your Tints and Your Health

The evidence is clear: smoking inside your car takes a toll on your window tints and your health. To preserve the aesthetic and functionality of your car, and protect yourself and your passengers, consider ditching the cigarette inside the vehicle:

  • Smoke Outside: Step out for your smoke break. It’s not just your tints and car that thank you, but your lungs and loved ones too.
  • Maintain Your Tints: Regular cleaning and professional detailing can help remove smoke residue and extend the life of your tints.
  • Consider Tints More Resistant to Damage: Consult a professional about advanced tint film options specifically designed for smokers or high-traffic environments.

Ultimately, the choice is yours. But remember, clear vision and clean air are always in style, both for your car and your well-being. So, make the smart choice for your window tints and your health – leave the smoke outside and enjoy the open road, clear and bright.

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