Common Mistakes When Installing Safety & Security Film

security film

Security film, also known as window film, is a popular addition to homes and businesses to enhance protection against break-ins, accidents, and UV rays. The installation of the film may seem straightforward, but several common mistakes can compromise its effectiveness.

Choosing the Wrong Film Type

It is crucial to select the right type of film to achieve the right level of protection. Different types of security film provide varying degrees of protection from impact, shattering, and UV rays. Failing to consider the specific needs and risks associated with the property can result in inadequate protection.

Improper Surface Preparation

Before applying the film, make sure the windows are thoroughly cleaned to remove any dirt, grease, or debris. When contaminants are left on the surface, they can cause air bubbles and prevent the film from adhering properly, compromising its effectiveness and aesthetics.

Incorrect Measurement and Cutting

A seamless and effective installation requires accurate measuring and cutting of the film to fit the window dimensions. A film that is measured incorrectly can lead to gaps, overlaps, or uneven edges, compromising its aesthetics and security.

Inadequate Application Technique

The application process significantly impacts the film’s performance. Air bubbles and trapped moisture can weaken the bond between the film and the glass, reducing its durability and protection against impact and shattering.

Failure to Trim Excess Film

The film should be carefully trimmed around the windows’ edges after application. Excess film can create unsightly edges and increase the likelihood of peeling or damage.

Post-Installation Neglect

Once the film has been installed, it must be properly maintained to ensure its longevity and effectiveness. You should clean the film regularly with a mild soap solution and a soft cloth, and inspect the film for signs of wear or damage.


When safety and security film is installed and maintained correctly, it can provide the intended level of protection and enhance the overall security of your property. It is important to follow proper installation guidelines and care for the film to maximize its benefits and create a safer and more secure environment.

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