Las Vegas Window Tinting Laws

Nevada Window
Tinting Laws

Las Vegas window tinting firm in Nevada.

Here are some common questions about Nevada’s window tinting laws.

Does Las Vegas have window tinting laws?

Yes, the laws for window tinting in Las Vegas actually fall under Nevada State Window tinting laws. These laws only apply to automobiles.

Does Nevada set limits on how dark my window tint can be?

Yes, there are restrictions on your car’s window tinting.

  • Windshields: In Nevada, windshields may be tinted from the top off to the AS1 line, approximately 8 inches. (Complete windshield tinting is legal with a doctor’s prescription.)
  • Driver & Passenger: The Driver side window and front passenger windows may be tinted; however, the film cannot exceed 35% total Light Transmittance Value.
  • All other windows There are not restrictions on any other windows of an automobile.

If I don't live in Nevada, can you still tint my car windows?

Absolutely, we are familiar with all 50 states laws regarding window tinting.