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Here are some common questions about Nevada’s window tinting laws.

Does Las Vegas have window tinting laws?

Yes, the laws for window tinting in Las Vegas actually fall under Nevada State Window tinting laws. These laws only apply to automobiles.

Does Nevada set limits on how dark my window tint can be?

Yes, there are restrictions on your car’s window tinting.

  • Windshields: In Nevada, windshields may be tinted from the top off to the AS1 line, approximately 8 inches. (Complete windshield tinting is legal with a doctor’s prescription.)
  • Driver & Passenger: The Driver side window and front passenger windows may be tinted; however, the film cannot exceed 35% total Light Transmittance Value.
  • All other windows There are not restrictions on any other windows of an automobile.

If I don't live in Nevada, can you still tint my car windows?

Absolutely, we are familiar with all 50 states laws regarding window tinting.

2024 Nevada Window Tinting Laws Explained

Nevada introduced laws regulating vehicle window tints nearly three decades ago and these regulations have changed since then. The current window tinting laws in Nevada 2024 accommodate most modern window tinting products. However, it is essential to note that these laws can change periodically.

We are here to clear your doubts surrounding the vehicle window tinting laws in Nevada. It is pretty common for you to wonder whether the vehicle window film is compliant with the current rules framed by the state. As a client-centric window tinting company, we believe in providing helpful information to our customers so that they can choose the best product.


Things to Know About the Visibility Light Transmission Percentage (VLT%)

To avoid hefty fines, it is important to know about the VLT% while driving your car in Las Vegas. The VLT% depicts how much light can pass through the glass. If the VLT% of a film is lower, it denotes more darker and private tinting. Moreover, the rules of VLT% vary based on the specific window of your vehicle.

SUVs, trucks, and cars may have the front side windows tinted with a maximum darkness of 35% VLT. In other words, 35% of the sun’s visible light should pass through your vehicle's windows. On the other hand, for your vehicle’s backside windows, you can use any type of window tint. There are no specific guidelines on the VLT% of the backside windows.

Flexible Window Tinting Laws in Nevada


The window tint laws in Nevada are quite flexible and permissive. However, window tint tickets in Las Vegas can cost you over $100. Therefore, it is recommended that you don’t push the limits with excessively dark tinting. We always adhere to the current rules while tinting the windows of your car so that there are no issues.

The tint regulations are designed in such a manner that they perfectly balance the benefits of window tinting with the need for safety. In other words, you don’t have to sacrifice your comfort while driving around Las Vegas. Sticking to the VLT% is the most effective way to minimize penalties.

Non-Reflective Window Tint in Nevada


In Nevada, non-reflective window tint is allowed above the vehicle manufacturer’s AS-1 line on the windshields. However, care must be taken to install the tint in a manner that doesn’t cause a mirror-like effect. In simple words, you can tint your windshield. However, it shouldn’t be too glossy to blind traffic coming from the opposite side.

Our professional window tinting services keep these things in mind to ensure that other motorists and truckers can drive safely. Furthermore, we install superior-quality window tints to ensure that they last longer.

Are Amber and Red Tint Colors Allowed?

You cannot install red and amber-colored window tints in Nevada in your car. This rule is in place to prevent interference with the traffic signals. Moreover, these tints have been found to confuse other drivers with emergency lights. It also ensures that the tint doesn’t interfere with critical visual cues of other vehicles on the road.

Certification of the Film

As per the latest Nevada window tint laws, the manufacturers must certify the film they sell in the state. This is the exact reason why we only stock those films that come certified with clear markings on their packaging. It ensures that the window tint films offer the level of light transmittance required to maintain safety on highways.

Some Other Window Tint Rules in Nevada

Listed are some other important window tint rules in Nevada that every vehicle owner should know.

  • You will need dual side mirrors if your rear window is tinted
  • The tint variance must not exceed 7%
  • Nevada allows medical exemptions for installing special window tints

At Las Vegas Window Tinting, we comply with the latest tint regulations to tint your vehicle windows. Visit our store today to get your car tinted based on the latest laws in Nevada.