We are proud to offer a complete line of window film and glass options for the Commercial, Industrial, Government, Educational, and Hospitality Sectors. Our solar consultations are always free and include determining the correct film for glass application. Call today to schedule a free 30-45 minute consultation and quote to have all your questions answered regarding our amazing Thin Film Technologies.

The top film manufacturers that we use, have a product offering for every glass situation. These include Hüper Optik Smart Window Films , Full Line 3M dealer, Madico SunScape Select, and Safety Shield Premier Partner, Hanita Tech Window Films, Solyx Decorative Window films, and SolarGard Window Films. All our products are independently tested and Energy Star Rated for your protection.

Solar Window Films:

  • Require no energy or maintenance
  • Reduce HVAC loads and cycles, extending the life of units, reducing energy bills sufficient to achieve a favorable return on investment (ROI)
  • Manufacturer’s Warranty for 10 to 15 years on Commercial Projects and Lifetime on Residential
  • Deliver efficiency and longevity that rival any energy saving product on the market
  • Exterior window films are now a viable solution for Solar Control Window Films withWarrantees that extend out 5 to 7 years
  • Department of Energy offers modeling software that produces an accurate ROI for commercial projects of 10,000 SF or more, with an average 3 to 4 years ROI

Our Commercial Solar Film Partners

When it comes to commercial solar film, we only use the best.

Hüper Optik

Hugely powerful nanotechnology window films cut down 99.9% of all UV rays; a great product for reducing heat in a house.


A very green company, Madico is concerned with sustainability in all aspect of window tinting.

Hanita Tek

Stay safe. Hanita Tek has invented some of the most powerful security films on the market today.

… And others. We are proud to offer you this great selection of window films. We are certified dealers and installers for all of these manufacturers.

Huper Optik Window Tint

After sampling many window tint options, management chose Huper Optik Drei. This project has paid for itself 3 times over the last 15 years.

Furnace Creek located in Death Valley is a historic hotel visited by the Hollywood elite for 75 years. The 115-degree weather and brutal sun created a need for glare reduction and energy efficiency. This window film rejects 99% of fading ultraviolet rays and 70% of solar heat gain with a beautiful non-reflective look. Las Vegas Window Tinting is proud to be Las Vegas’s exclusive Huper Optik dealer.


We pride ourselves on delivering quality products that are professionally installed at a great price. Please click on your area of interest: automotive window tinting, solar window film for protection against heat, glare and fading, unlimited decorative options, and glass graffiti protection. We have a great solution for you.

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