We pride ourselves on providing clear and honest communication and take great care of your vehicle. Check out below some of our recent automobile window tinting projects.

Our Process

Our main goal is to do a job worthy of you telling your friends and family and to have you bring your next car into us as well.

First, we review our different film products so you can choose the one that is right for you. We review the benefits of each film and provide certified performance statistics so you know what you are getting.

Next is a quick inspection of your vehicle’s condition before it is pulled into our clean installation bay. You can drop off or stay and wait. Average 4 door car requires two hours. Water, Coffee, tea, and Wifi are available.

Our installation team will take good care of your vehicle and complete a professional installation. We like you to inspect our work before you pay. We accept cash, check, or any major credit card. You will receive a receipt, manufactures warranty, and care instructions.

All installations include a manufacturers limited lifetime warranty and our No Questions Asked warranty. Copies are provided for your review.

We’re Trusted, Experienced, and Affordable

We’ve offered windows tinting services in Las Vegas since 1970. Our staff has the skill to perform quality work and the wisdom to offer recommendations to help you decide which window film is best for your car or truck.

We’ll Treat You And Your Automobile Right

Don’t let just any company to tint your car’s windows. Make a smart decision, go with an established company and enjoy the benefits for years to come.

No Questions Asked Warranty

In addition to the manufacturer’s lifetime warranty we include an additional “no questions asked” warranty for scratches on roll up windows. Should you, your dog, kids, or anything else accidentally scratch a side window you can bring it in for removal and film replacement for as long as you own the car.

Our Prices Are Reasonable

Below you can find your tint options. Have questions? We’re here to help you make a decision on which product is best for you.

Our Automotive Solar Film Partners

These guys help make your auto tint look flawless.

SunTek Carbon Solar Film

Carbon film is a color stable product that looks great and last many years. You can choose from 4 different light transmissions. We are proud to offer it as our entry level film.

SunTek Carbon CXP Solar Film

Carbon CXP has the same long lasting construction as our Carbon film with the addition of nano-particle Infra-Red Absorbers. These absorbers increase the heat rejection, making it a great choice for comfort at a cost effective price.

SunTek Carbon CIR Solar Film

Carbon CIR is the ultimate window film evolution. It has the same long-lasting construction as all of our Carbon film with the addition of nano-particle Infra-Red Absorbers and more. There is also a manufacturer’s lifetime limited warranty with protection against films fading.

... And others. We are proud to offer you this great selection of window films. We are certified dealers and installers for all of these manufacturers.

Automobile Window Tint Pricing

Below is a price list of our most popular tints.

  • Carbon CXP
    • Passenger Car $269
    • 2D Truck $169
    • 4D Truck $239
    • SUV $299
    • Front Only $99
    • Glare Strip $40
    • Windshield $130
    • Moonroof $60
  • Carbon
    • Passenger Car / 4-Door Truck - $189
    • 2-Door Car / 2-Door Truck - $169
    • SUV / Crossover - $229
    • LG. Van - $259
    • Driver & Passenger ONLY - $79
    • Full Windshield - N/A
    • Moon / Sun Roof - N/A
    • Glare Strip - N/A
  • Complete Removal
    • $100
  • Carbon CIR
    • Passenger Car / 4-Door Truck - $489
    • 2-Door Car / 2-Door Truck - $399
    • SUV / Crossover - $529
    • LG. Van - $559
    • Driver & Passenger ONLY - $189
    • Full Windshield - $200
    • Moon / Sun Roof - $100
    • Glare Strip - $80


We pride ourselves on delivering quality products that are professionally installed at a great price. Please click on your area of interest: automotive window tinting, solar window film for protection against heat, glare and fading, unlimited decorative options, and glass graffiti protection. We have a great solution for you.

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