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Hanita Tek

Stay safe. Hanita Tek has invented some of the most powerful security films on the market today.

… And others. We are proud to offer you this great selection of window films. We are certified dealers and installers for all of these manufacturers.

Las Vegas Safety Window Film Protection

Some installations require thicker films than others.

Many require the additional step of a locking system which in effect makes the film, glass, and window frame one unit.

We are experts in several locking techniques including Dow 995 wet glaze, 4 sided Gullwing, and the maximum protection provided by Hanita Tek’s No Bar system.

Our completed jobs include Nellis Air Force Base, Fallon Naval Air Station, Wheeler Army Air Base(Oahu, Hawaii) and the Mike O’Callahan Federal Hospital. We have protected many businesses throughout Clark County including medical offices, dental offices, law offices,and jewelry stores, etc. Many private residences have opted for this proactive deterrent to home burglaries as well. We can make an intruder’s job much harder.

Glass Security Film in Las Vegas

As with all security measures, nothing is foolproof.

Given enough planning, time, determination, and force thieves can succeed. We feel that anything that can be done to deter or slow them down is worthwhile. Call today. Consultations, suggestions, and quotes are FREE.


We pride ourselves on delivering quality products that are professionally installed at a great price. Please click on your area of interest: automotive window tinting, solar window film for protection against heat, glare and fading, unlimited decorative options, and glass graffiti protection. We have a great solution for you.

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